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We live in a fast-paced society, unable to settle the turmoil of the never-ending daily tasks to complete, where hardly anyone stops to smell the roses. Everywhere we are, we are surrounded by constant noise, lights, and screens of all sorts. The stimulus is everywhere, coming from all angles. A study has recently discovered that the average person checks their device 46 times per day! Spending a total of 5 hours of their day browsing the web on their devices. We are excessively dependent on the internet and our technological devices, chained to the fear of missing out.

page So then, why is it important to put limits on our technology use throughout the day?

The answer lays in stress recovery. Believe or not, using technology gadgets throughout most of our waking hours, prevents the brain from relaxing. Receiving constant stimulus from electronic devices and screens actually makes us more anxious. Therefore, being attached to electronics for long periods of time, increases our anxiety levels. Unfortunately, anxiety affects other important aspects of our lives: sleep patterns, family life, relationships, productivity, eating habits and more.

buy dapoxetine forum How do we reduce anxiety and allow our brains to relax effectively?

Easy! Remember to unplug and play more during the day! Especially in the summer; it’s the perfect time to slow down and enjoy the beautiful weather. Enjoy your coffee while watching the sunrise, go for a picnic in the park instead of eating in front of the TV, or enjoy a nighttime stroll with your family. Need some ideas on how to add in relaxation to your day? Try one of these tips today:

  • Start with 15 minutes a day: Section off at least 15 minutes each day to be completely device free. Make this a reoccurring time and stick to it!
  • Start your morning’s screen free: Create a morning routine that doesn’t involve a screen. Avoid the temptation of checking your phone when you first wake up by using an alarm clock instead of your phone.
  • Enjoy screen-free meals: Make meal times a device free zone and enjoy the company you are with.
  • Device curfew: Set a time that you will stop using all electronic devices at night. Ideally, this time is at least 30-60 minutes before you go to bed. Try reading, writing in a journal, stretching, or meditating instead of scrolling through Facebook.


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