Establishing a Weekly Rhythm

A new year is a fresh start, a blank slate. It’s the perfect opportunity to set new goals and achieve new heights. You probably have a lot of responsibilities right now and need help getting organized. We like the idea of creating a weekly rhythm or flow, so you can keep track of your tasks while also making progress toward your goals. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. best place to buy generic finasteride Write Down Your Happenings

This is the time to write down everything that’s important to you: your work hours, morning routine, gym, meal time, relaxation, grocery shopping, family time, and anything else that matters to you. Try to approximate how many hours per week you would spend doing these activities.

  1. check this site out Establish Fixed Points

Your fixed points are going to help you set boundaries for your day. Think wake and sleep time, meal times, or occurrences you know happen at about the same time each day. You will write these down in a permanent ink that’s very clear. If getting 8 hours of sleep each night is a priority to you, you’ll have to establish your wake and sleep times as fixed and make adjustments to your other tasks to make it work.

  1. Ebb and Flow

Use your new fixed points and weekly happenings to create your daily ebb and flow. It’s often helpful to put a really intense activity such as exercise close to a more relaxing task like eating or reading so you’re not constantly overexerting yourself, which can lead to burnout.

  1. Adjust Your Rhythm

Your rhythm isn’t always going to go as planned and that’s okay! Making adjustments when necessary will be valuable for you as you try to stay on track with tasks despite the circumstances that are out of your control. Understand that the rhythm for the week won’t be perfect, but that doesn’t mean it’s ruined!

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Establishing a weekly rhythm will allow you to stay organized and prioritized for the busy year ahead! Implementing these four tips will help you create a weekly flow that is customized to your schedule and should reduce stress levels while increasing productivity!

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